Mental Health

Resources on mental health issues. Examine the close relationship mental health plays in addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) & Addiction


Mental health issues and substance abuse are often deeply connected in the human brain. According to the NationalInstitute of Mental Health (NIMH), people who experience depression disorders, such as seasonal affective disorder are more likely to have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. As the days are shorter and the sunlight escapes our daily experience, [...]

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Meth Abuse In Texas, What Can We Do?


Difficult but Possible: Meth Rehab In Texas Although the national conversation of drug abuse and overdose deaths has been focused on the opioid crisis, methamphetamines are still the leading killer for Texans. 715 people overdosed on meth in Texas in 2016.  This is compared to the 539 who overdosed [...]

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