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About Us

Take a minute to get to know us a little better.


MTR Treatment was founded with a single purpose: to provide high quality, individualized treatment to the residents of Texas. Our program’s model is founded upon successful national models scaled to create a local, personalized feel. The founding team worked together to pull unique and effective methods from a variety of successful treatment centers, combined holistic and faith-based care to create truly individualized program menus for our clients. With over 50 years of combined industry experience, the team at MTR is driven to provide affordable, lasting recovery to each and every client.


Detox service helps ease the body’s transition off the substances in a safe and secure environment. Detox is often the most difficult and crucial first step to recovery. Our partnerships with a variety of local detoxes allow us to aid you or your loved one through this trying stage of recovery and into our care. Call today for the help you deserve.


Inpatient treatment services are essential to establishing a strong foundation in recovery during the first 30 to 60 days. At MTR our fully customized residential treatment programs are driven based on the unique needs of each client. Our principle is quality over quantity. By keeping our locations small and personal, we can deliver high quality lasting foundations for success.


Outpatient Rehab services help to ease the transition from inpatient care to the real world. A tiered approach to entering the real world is key. The real world presents triggers and opportunities for old behaviors to emerge. Participating though the phases of treatment helps to ease this transition and increase the level of lasting recovery.


Sober Living is key to providing a level of accountability during Outpatient care and those several months following treatment. The first year of recovery is crucial to creating long term sobriety. AT MTR we understand that remaining accountable and living in a sober environment during the transition back to real life greatly increases the degree of success.