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Dual Diagnosis for Addiction Treatment & Mental Illness

A dual diagnosis means that for many Texas residents, addiction treatment alone may not be enough. Some people are also struggling with mental illness and this can create barriers to successful alcohol & drug rehabilitation. Many people abuse alcohol and drugs in an effort to self-medicate and relieve their struggles with everyday life. Whether it is an anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, mood disorders or any other type of behavioral health disorder, these mental health issues can worsen alcohol abuse and/or drug addiction. Long-term studies have shown that treating one disorder does not necessarily cure the other.

20.2 million American adults have a substance abuse disorder.

7.9 million Americans had both a substance abuse disorder and another mental illness.

Long Term Substance Abuse Recovery.

Long term alcohol and drug abuse can be devastating to not just yourself, but also your friends and family as well. With the added stress of another ongoing mental disorder many begin to feel like recovery and sobriety are almost impossible. More Than Rehab is staffed with kind, compassionate and caring professionals who are ready to help you today. We utilize a wide variety of integrated treatment programs, inpatient care and outpatient care, support groups, medical treatment and a fully-accountable sober living program. MTR’s resources are available for people with diverse dual diagnosis needs, to help them through every step of the process.

Withdrawal symptoms are very important to address early in the recovery process. The withdrawal can compound problems with other existing mental illnesses and make the path to recovery a very long and difficult one. Our scientific, evidence-based approach to treatment can successfully overcome these obstacles with long-term, compassionate substance abuse treatment and a focus on treating the individual.

Let’s Begin Your Journey To Recovery Together. 

We offer quality, ethical treatment and are committed to focused and efficient addiction recovery.