And that’s why our Military and Family Program is now better than ever. Our specialized drug rehab treatment facilities for those who have served, as well as their families, are ready to provide you with the care you so richly reserve.
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To Support Active Military & Family, We Accept TRICARE & TRIWEST Insurance at More Than Rehab.

Any facility wanting to accept clients with TRICARE & TRIWEST Insurance for drug or alcohol addiction treatment must first go through a rigorous credentialing process with TRICARE & TRIWEST to become a certified provider. We are proud to have attained this certification so we can help our military service members, veterans, and their dependents receive substance abuse treatment at More Than Rehab, which is now covered through their TRICARE Insurance plan.

More Than Rehab is an approved TRICARE provider for substance abuse treatment. Military members and their families will be able to receive drug & alcohol addiction treatment in our Bryan, Texas rehab facility with their TRICARE & TRIWEST insurance plans. At More Than Rehab, we’re passionate about helping our veterans. See how we can help you or someone you love get help for drug or alcohol addiction.


By utilizing mixed-gender rehab facilities, we are able to provide our patients with an ultra-personalized treatment program.

A mixed-gender program is one of the most effective ways we can provide that support. This differs from a more generalized approach, which is typical of gender-specific facilities. When you’re in a rehab facility, you should be able to focus on what’s most important – your treatment. A strong support system within an addiction treatment program is the key to your recovery and a lifetime of sobriety.


At More Than Rehab, you can stay at our long-term extended care program for up to four months, housing included, so you can get the care and treatment you deserve. Not a week; not two weeks. Four months.

Getting addiction treatment in Texas will give you the opportunity to start over in a beautiful new environment, away from the things, people, and places that could trigger a relapse.
Our dual diagnosis approach to addiction treatment is uniquely qualified to address the underlying causes of a substance use disorder. Many members of the military wind up using drugs or alcohol as a way to self-medicate for experiences of past trauma. This is a common and completely normal problem that currently affects over 22.5 million Americans. There is no shame in admitting you need help to overcome your addiction. With your TRICARE Insurance policy, you can confidentially and privately get yourself, or your family member the help they so desperately need.
More Than Rehab’s evidence-based addiction treatment programs are individually tailored to meet our patient’s unique needs. Your personalized treatment regimen will be based on love and inclusion, while you enjoy the comforts of a family-like atmosphere. As you probably already know, traveling away from home can be difficult, but leaving the familiar and entering into a new environment for substance abuse treatment offers a variety of benefits for out-of-city patients.

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It is important to realize that asking for help is the first step in addiction recovery,
regardless of your insurance coverage. Please, don’t hesitate to ask us for help.
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4-5 month program for veterans and their loved ones mostly or completely covered by insurance.
The extended stay allows us to adequately address PTSD and Trauma common for veterans and their loved ones.
Individuals who complete this program will get up to 4x more counseling than a regular 30-day program.
Participants may be able to attend a special weekend retreat co-hosted by a marine veteran and program graduate.


Here are just a few testimonials from Military Veterans who we could not be prouder of. We thank them for their service, as well as their kind words, and we wish them continued success in the future.

"After my time in Afghanistan, I wasn't the same person. When I came home, I didn't know how to live a normal life. I turned to drugs to help cope. On the brink of death, I tried rehab after rehab. Finally, I found More Than Rehab. They provided the tools I needed to live a normal, healthy, drug-free life." -Michael, Program Graduate, Veteran, 1 year Sober.
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