More Than Rehab is proud to announce our collaboration for a new Women-Only housing option. Having just opened on August 1, 2023 in East Texas, this recovery facility is uniquely qualified to provide the very best treatment and care.

Entirely run by women for women, the opportunity to provide a gender-specific environment is much more conducive to your long term success and is, in fact, backed up by national statistics.
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The success stories

  • I found people that shared my same struggles.
    MTR helped me build life skills.
    MTR fought for me.


Have you ever dealt with the distractions of relationships within a coed treatment facility? If you have, you know that it can be a major obstacle to achieving your sobriety goals. We are so excited to be able to offer you a new women’s house option in collaboration with our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.


As women, we absolutely understand that we have gender-unique physiological, emotional, and relational issues. That’s why we have created a track that capitalizes on the connection and support of other women:

• Women who can relate to and mentor each other
• Help you be accountable in a way that is specific to you
• Minimized sexual tension
• A more recovery-friendly opportunity

Additionally, a high percentage of women in recovery have some type of trauma associated with men so the Women-Only facility helps to counteract that. By ensuring that the majority of your time is in a women's only environment, and fostering clinically supervised co-ed groups, you can be at ease knowing that you are safe and secure at all times. 


On top of our regular outpatient treatments and local 12 Step meetings, the women’s track is comprised of meetings and discussion groups at the house that are confined to only the women in the house. This means:

• A smaller number of women, all intimately familiar with each other
• Fears of secrets and darker issues being revealed or misunderstood is minimized
• Women are better able to understand and empower one another


One of the primary reasons our meetings are so beneficial for women is a fostered relationship of trust that is cultivated through house managers who have extended recovery time from addiction and similar traumas. The house managers are carefully selected for this important quality and take great pride in passing on what they have learned about living and recovery. Think of it as a full-time recovery coach or sponsor with you at all times.

Stopping Self-Defeatng


To understand the temptations and cross addictions associated with recovery is critical to the process as addicts frequently fall back to other self-defeating behaviors. Having other women who can recognize this and know how to confront each other is invaluable. It may just be as important as any feature of our gender specific program.


We see addiction as a deadly disease. You may only get one shot at treatment, make it the best opportunity for your success.
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More Than Rehab is proud to display its Joint Commission Accreditation for medical and behavioral healthcare services. You can be assured that you or your loved one will find you are getting the treatment that exceeds industry standards.


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