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How to Celebrate New Years Eve Sober. Tips for Recovering Addicts.

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The holiday season for most recovering addicts can be the hardest time of the year, especially on New Year’s Eve. Holidays in the United States are quite often characterized for their excess. Excessive partying, binge drinking, even excessive spending and worrying about debts and other responsibilities can cause a great amount of stress […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) & Addiction

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Mental health issues and substance abuse are often deeply connected in the human brain. According to the NationalInstitute of Mental Health (NIMH), people who experience depression disorders, such as seasonal affective disorder are more likely to have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. As the days are shorter and the sunlight escapes […]

Regular exercise helps in addiction treatment and relapse prevention.

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Cardiovascular exercise can help in addiction treatment and relapse prevention strategies.

Scientists at the University of Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions have identified how cardiovascular exercise can support rehab treatment for those struggling with addiction. In a study carried out on animals, researchers discovered that regular exercise targets areas of the brain that control dopamine. […]

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