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Most Common Drug Overdose Types in Texas:

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Deaths from drug overdoses in the state of Texas have nearly tripled in the last 18 years. From 1999 to 2017, drug overdose deaths have nearly tripled from 1,087 to 2,979. This increase was across the board for all types of drugs, although methamphetamine and cocaine caused the most overdose deaths in the lone star state. Synthetic opioids like fentanyl are also rising as a cause of an increase of deaths for Texans.

What are some effective drug-addict rehabilitation centers?

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If you or someone in your family is currently experiencing the disease of addiction, you want to find the best possible care. Choosing a drug rehab facility could be one of the most important health care decisions you make in your entire life. As you look for the most effective forms of treatment, you should consider programs that offer an evidence-based approach to their care.

How many times must someone go through rehab to stay sober?

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Many people from all walks of life wish they could answer the question, “how do I stay sober?”. They wish really hard, don’t they? They really want to. And they will tell you so. But in reality, only a small percentage actually investigate what it actually takes. Half of all people will relapse as part of their recovery, at a slightly lower rate than other chronic illnesses.

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