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How Addiction Affects Family Legal Matters in Texas

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When one, or both parents are using a substance that negatively impacts their ability to adequately care for children, the State of Texas considers this to be a form of “child abuse” or “neglect”.

What are some of the inspiring de-addiction stories?

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At More Than Rehab, we have seen a wide variety of people come to our rehabilitation center for help. We’ve had doctors, college students, musicians, stay at home mothers literally just about everyone come to us with a debilitating substance use disorder. Addiction knows no bounds. It is true that literally anyone can develop a psychological and physical dependency on substances ranging from alcohol to prescription and illicit drugs.

What is the Best Drug Rehabilitation?

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With so many treatment options available, it is difficult for some to find the best drug rehabilitation program that will suit their individual needs. Finding the best drug rehabilitation for your addiction can be one of the most important health care decisions you make in your entire life. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can quickly become a deadly disease. You have a lot of options available to help you, but we want you to make an informed decision on which program will offer the best care for yourself or a loved one.

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