Press Release: Now In-Network With Cigna

JP Chastain
January 8, 2020

More Than Rehab Drug Treatment Fills the Void as Cigna Drops Treatment Centers in Texas Area

Press Release Jan, 1 2020.

As the drug epidemic worsens, accepting insurances of different types is key to providing care to addicts when they seek help. Bryan, TX is home to More Than Rehab, a substance abuse treatment center just outside Houston that aims to get people away from triggers in the major cities, so that addicts can recover. Recently, the insurance giant, Cigna has parted ways with several treatment centers in the Texas area. Fortunately, More than Rehab was there to help Cigna covered addicts find treatment. They recently went in-network with Cigna, ensuring more people can be accepted for their industry leading care.

Recently in Texas, drug users have been reaching out to More Than Rehab for alcohol & meth abuse. The decision to cover more individuals comes from a recognition that drug users are choosing different drugs of choice, and many of these users need the most available options for rehab payment coverage. “Alcohol is readily available everywhere and is socially reinforced & while meth continues to be a problem, more people have realized their addictions could kill them in those choice drugs.”, says CMO Steve Trevino. “While we see addictions from all types of drugs, we want to help those seeking change, and being in-network with Cigna allows us to do just that.”

More Than Rehab has programs specifically for meth and alcohol rehabilitation that use evidence-based drug treatment. This has improved countless lived with EMDR, CBT, & other psychological counseling to get users away from drugs with proven methods. Often the barrier to stellar treatment is coverage, even more so in Texas where certain drugs of choice are more common for migrants & labor workers. In some cases, meth can be seen as a job performance enhancing agent, while drinking at work remains an age-old problem for employers & employees alike. Being in-network with an insurance company allows a lower cost to the addict for treatment, which is needed more than ever because of the epidemic.

If you or someone you know is seeking treatment for drug abuse, reach out to More Than Rehab at 888-249-2191 or go to

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JP Chastain
Paul Chastain is a psychology graduate from Columbia University in the City of New York, who has helped countless people with addiction journalism since 2008.

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